Magic Text is not showing up even though it says the data is available on the screen

Hello! So in my app, you can open another User’s profile page and then click a button that takes you to another screen to set something up with them. The next screen after the profile page is supposed to have their full name and other data about the Current User, but when I try to do Magic Text for any data about the user, nothing is showing up.

I even checked Available Data for this screen, but it says the data for Current User is available. Does anyone know why the Magic Text is not showing up even though the data for Current User is available on this screen?

Hi @matthewlee,

Is it possible to show this from a video? ( you can use Loom )

Thank you

Thanks for the video, Matthew!

Did you try removing the magic texts and reloading your screen and adding them again?

If it still happens is it possible to give me the access for your app to check this? ( you can click the gear icon on your editor left side and go to the app access section and add this email : )

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