Can’t figure out why Magic Text isn’t showing data

I’ve created a user with all the data inputs in a database that the Magic Text relates too, however when I connect it to the database through Magic Text, nothing shows up. It’s blank :woozy_face:

I’ve tested other database inputs in the same position in the app, and it works.

Can’t figure out why it’s not working- Pls help

Hi @Jh95
When in the designer you select the screen in which you’d place the text field, does anything show up in the “available data” section?


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Nothing in available data.

I am trying to use magic text to show a property in a dataset that is a relationship. Is that possible?

I have used a separate database as it is a drop-down selection.

Hi @Jh95
Maybe you can give some more details about what you’re aiming to achieve: having no data on a certain screen means that the origin screen (the one from where you’re linking your actual screen) is not passing any data, which might be the expected behavior, depending on what you’ve done in your app.

Is your origin screen holding a list?
Is your target screen aimed to display an entry of that list or something unrelated?


@enricomilani Thanks so much for your help!

I’m not to sure on the terminology unfortunately, so I’ll explain the user journey and hopefully that helps.

  • So a user creates a profile by selecting options from drop down lists.

  • These drop down lists are separate data collections and are linked relationships properties to the “user” data base and a “posts” database.

  • The selected option from each drop down needs to be visible in the users profile bio and with each “post” they create within the post lists.

Hope that makes sense :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi @Jh95,

You update the relationship properties with the drop-down values right? You can add Logged in user’s > {relationship name} > {property name} in the text component from magic text. Could you share a video showing your setup?

Thank you

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Hey @dilon_perera .
Thanks for helping out!
I have linked them.
Please see below linked property in the drop down data set and the corresponding Magic text where I am trying to call it.

@dilon_perera Thank you so much for helping!

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