Magic text line break

I use a simple text component, with a text and a magic text: “email user : magic_text_email”.
And the result is:
email user

And I’d like the result to be:
email user :

The filed is wilde enough to content “email user :”


The result:

you can directly put the colon and newline, so that the email always goes to the head and does not also carry the colon

Yes but I want if it’s a short email to fit in one line.
email user:

I need two text components to do it ?

ok, so maybe the solution could be remove the space between "User2 anche “:”.
This could be the problem that keep the “:” go down

It looks like the magic text goes to the new line with the word before him everytime.

With no space before the “:”

The word “user:” is sent to the new line… Very strange.

can you provide screenshot?



The result should be:
email user:

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