Text line break


I have a list with a fixed width text field in it, that fills with magic text.

With some users, the text line breaks after the first word, even though the next word would have fitted in the first line width-wise:

Any ideas how to fix this?

It only breaks if the second word would not fit. That second picture you shard, I dont think it would have fit all on one line.

You can increase the text box size and it might allow those to fit a bit more, even if they overlap a bit, as long as the text doesnt overlap.

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It wouldnt have fit all on one line, but on two.

second line is “assistant at Dimothius” , thats 22 characters including the spaces.
“sales assistant” would be 15 characters.

So, assuming 22 characters fit in one line, why is it not

“sales assistant at
Dimothius Lehmann”

you get what I mean?

Hey @FrankMartin,
Possible Solution:
Rather than setting a magic text as “Role at Company” create 2 components for text.

Text component 1: Role
Text component 2: Company

Let me know if this works out for you.

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Thanks that is a possible solution that I had already thought of, I’m still wondering what the problem is with this version though.

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Try not making it a multi-line box and see what that does.

Hmm worth a shot.

Is the issue you’re having that you dont like that its splitting up the two words of the company name?

If that was the case you could start a new line (by hitting enter) and put the company name on that line (in stead of having it right after the “At”) and that should at least keep the entire company name together.