Make a like/favorite system for external data

I have a external collection of wines coming from Algolia (the search feature is so good), on the page I want the user to be able to favorite, comment and review the wine:

I’ve created a local collection called “Favorite wine” that looks like this:

Just the information I need to show a simple listing on their profile. But my problem is then, when a user clicks a wine, how would I be able ti query my external collection with the ID to get that specific wine?
Or does this need to be stored in Algolia to easily get out?

You have happened upon another ‘relationships with external data’ issue - perhaps have a look at this post?

There is a workaround, but it is relatively burdensome!

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That was very helpful!
I’m only now stuck on this, as this is not removing the user… Any idea?

A question also: When I want to list all the favorites and link to the wine info page, is there any way to pull the information from Algolia for one object without having to use a list?

A little update here:
I’ve tried now to make a list of the “Local Algolium” in the profile with the entries that belongs to the user, and inside that list have another list to do the lookup of that object to Algolia:

But the objectID of the Local Algolia (seen in last screenshot) is not passed to Algolia, even tough I can easily print it inside the list without any issues… Any take on this? @Ben @ashley @jeremy

Can anyone help me here as I’m stuck with this still… @Ben @jeremy @ashley

Can you use a list, but filter it in the query so that it only returns one object?

I think this is an ongoing issue @alexid95 - it’s the same one I queried here: Filtering API results and I’m not sure it ever got bottomed out.

Yeah, that’s what I wanted but the list inside the list (with a external collection) is not getting the ObjectID from parent list. It’s only sending a empty request…

I’ve managed to work around this by loading the local info into a hidden input box, then using that to run the query. I’m using Airtable. Also the new custom actions may have more options for workarounds that I haven’t explored yet (e.g. using arrays).

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@alexid95 Sorry I’m a little late to the conversation here. So what you’re looking for is a way for users to

  1. Favorite items in an external collection
  2. View a list of those favorites
  3. View the details of one of those favorites

Is that right?

Yes, that is correct

Here’s a video walk-through of how I set this up:


@alexid95 - Are you still working on this project / using Algolia with Adalo? Trying to implement it myself and wondering if you’ve run into the same issues I am (and how you may have resolved them).