User favorites from list creating a list on another screen

I know there has to be a simple solution.

I am listing “all promoters” which are local businesses for all users on a screen that will look the same for every user.

I would like each individual user to be able to select promoters from this first list and have them added to another list on another screen.

The original complete list is always available. And the user can add or subtract businesses from their favorite’s screen within the original complete list.

I have a user collection obviously, and I created a “favorite promoters” collection. I created a “many to many” relationship between the two.

The list of all promoters on one screen is a custom list where I could add a favorite button. The list for “favorite promoters” is a simple list on another screen.

I know it has to be simple. Please help so I can confront how unaware I am. Hahahaha.

Hello, you should create the relation Users - Promoter in your dabase, as a many-to-many property.

Then on your custom list you should add the component to add or remove the favourite from the Logged in User. You could try a Toggle, which if set to ON adds the Current Promoter to the Logged in User, if set to OFF removes it.

So then in your second list, filtering Logged in User - Favourite Promoters, you should be fine.

Hope that helped,

I will be attempting this as soon as I can get back in there. Thanks for the help!

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