Make Input Fields mandatory

I appreciate this is a duplication of this: How to make Input fields mandatory

But is there any way to get this sort of thing enabled, as in the Forms - it would make creating customised forms soooo much easier without endless validations and other screens.

e.g. I have users that are created by other users (manager) but you cannot pass the New User into another screen, as there are some other user setups that I need to be done e.g. profile image, address etc… and was going solve this on the “Step 2” screen.
So I have to create what is basically the same form with custom fields then have endless rules and Modals for each non met condition - its a bit bonkers and an absolute PITA to maintain!

The Form module has this feature - cant understand why its not in the Text Input component :neutral_face:

What i do, to make input field mandatory, is to change the action of the submit button to sometimes, if the input field is in blank the submit button will not do anything.

You can also hide the submit button or other input fields

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Hey @joserafa83 thanks for the tip bro :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
Used that in a few places, but have more than one field that needs an input - but think i can cascade your idea to each field :nerd_face:

i have used the hide of the input field just with one field, never used more than that.

Let me know if this works.

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Hey @joserafa83 just an update bro, tried to cascade the rules… Had three in text fields:
Firstname, Lastname & Email…

Tried to send users to an “invalid input” modal - but only worked for the first field, when the first was more tan empty the second rule didn’t trigger :confused:

Have to skin this cat a different way, just more longwinded for the users :sweat_smile:

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