Making a switch but layout interrupted

I’ve been farting around, trying to gain a better understanding of “Update User UserNumber” as it seems critical in the functioning of dynamic elements in Adalo. So I decided to try and make a switch.

I started by having the Navigation Icon for HELP set the UserNumber to “0:”

Doing so changes the visibility of the “off-light-bulb” to visible:

Then clicking the “off-light-bulb” sets the UserNumber to “4,” making the “off-light-bulb” invisible but makes an “on-light-bulb” visible as well as bringing in the help text:

Unfortunately, the text jams up under the “on-light-bulb” image and I’m not sure why. I tried fixing the lightbulb image to the ‘top’ but then the placement gets really weird, The “off-light-bulb” is shoved to the side while the “on-light-bulb” is jammed under the header.

Grouping the “on-light-bulb” image with the text list doesn’t help either.

This isn’t an essential element so I don’t mind losing it. However. I’m curious how to tame these wild bronco elements. Is there any way in Adalo to set positioning as an absolute?

Show us how you have the setup the screen in Adalo editor.

I feel the solution is an invisible rectangle keeping the text in place.

Through a lot of trial and error I managed to figure out what was going on. I ended up creating two instances of the logo, one that appears and is fixed to the bottom when the “off-light-bulb” appears.

[Image from TestFlight]

When the “off-light-bulb” is clicked, that instance of the logo disappears and a floating logo replaces it along with the “on-light-bulb” and the help text, and is pushed down to below the text.

There are still some fugly spaces but I’m hopeful they can be addressed.

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