Glitches right away on home screen

Was trying Adalo out with the lowest paid plan for first month, but when I previewed a basic login screen and then a list with a few features, I couldn’t get either to correctly show, without errors, or without being in the wrong place.

I know this is vague, I want to try again, because if it worked correctly Adalo would be perfect for my needs, but I’m afraid to pay another $50 if I’m going to have the same problems. Are these glitches normal? Thanks.

I tried to message this problem once, but didn’t get a response I don’t think.

If an administrator could reach out that would be great as well. thanks


Hi @RossB ,

Please give example of what you see and what it should be.

What have you done to correct this issue ?

Hi @RossB and welcome to the community!

What are glitches for you? Since you are fairly new to Adalo, most probably is not a glitch, but part of the learning curve of learning how Adalo works.

When asking for assistance, please, add visuals or a screen recording (I recommend Loom). it’s very hard/impossible for anyone to help you with the description you provided.

We need specific details. We need visuals.


Thanks for your responses @charlesshope and @yongki ! I assume you’re right it’s about the learning curve. Here are two screen shots that display my first seeming “glitch”. My screen while building shows the “Enter as guest” button in the location I would like it, but when I ‘preview’ it, it moves up an inch or so the screen. They’re both set to ‘fixed’ and ‘bottom’.

Even when I group the three text boxes/buttons at the bottom, the buttom moves way up. Thanks for your input!

I would recommend to ungroup everything and start grouping from fresh.

You could try to group those 3 buttons at the bottom and make it bottom in style.

Other alternative is to put rectangle between image at the center and those grouped buttons.

Okay yes I got it to work by doing a different combo of grouping/ungrouping! I think it kinda made me cautious that the first page with basic placed elements was glitchy like that. Maybe it’s a matter of me just understanding how to build things well to avoid that. Thank you!

I’m still wondering why I couldn’t figure out how to importing and displaying google sheet data, but I might do a little more searching and pay the $50 for a month to try again. Sorry I can’t show any images of that since I no longer have access to my data! thanks again.

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