Making nearby phones with a shared item in the database interact

Hello, I have heard of nearby API, but I am not sure it will work and don’t want to pay $50 to find out necessarily. Could somebody kind of tell me how I could integrate the Nearby API to make it possible to message nearby users and make users phone buzz when nearby a phone with a shared database item?

As of right now we do not have the ability to access a users device which is what you would need to enable this, API aside. This is on our roadmap as a planned feature.

would I still need an api to make it work?

Yes, the planned roadmap feature will allow the app to access the logged in user’s current location, but not that of other users.

If i bought the paid version of adalo could I do this right now?

No, there’s not currently a way to access the device’s location.

@Ben Can I detect device current location at this moment?

No. Big gap in something that purports to be a “mobile” app creator.

A phone app that has no idea where it is…