Map element not working on Android

Hey guys, I am having some issues with the map element as it is not working on Android devices, all the markers keep flickering around the map.
Is anyone else experiencing the same issue and does anyone know how to fix it ?


Yeah, same here. Submitted a ticket to Adalo but they said they don’t have time to deal with it


Got the same issue buddy, iOS is working fine but the Android version is terrible, Adalo should definitely start looking into it


hi, sir
This is skill-full android developer, I have a outline to solve the problem related to Map element on Android in mind.
Let us discuss about it on chat.
Thank you.

I’ve already developed a Custom Google map component for Adalo. It is similar to what Adalo has. Let me know if you experience the problem, and I can sell it to you.

Yeah me too, it starts to get quite frustrating, I submitted a ticket few weeks ago and still nothing came back. We might need to start looking somewhere else folks, doesn’t seem like Adalo cares about the quality of their product


Great I thought I was the only one :sweat_smile:
Yeah all the map’s markers keep moving around the map, I tried everything I could (also contacting Adalo but obviously it didn’t help) but I still have the same issue. @Meneghino might be right we might just need to rebuild the app with another service


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