Maps not working in APK but OK in Web

Hi there everybody!

I’ve set up recently some google maps in my app and have managed to successfully make it work with my database using magic text for the addresses yada, yada…

The funny thing is, while it works perfect in my web browser (in the Adalo previewer I mean) when I compile the apk and try it on my phone the map doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t display any errors, just a grey block…

The API has no restrictions whatsoever that I know of (as I said, it works fine in the previewer)

This is the map working on the web version of the app:

This is how it looks like on my phone (native apk):

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

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I will check this with the team and see if it is a bug


Hi again? Has there been any advance on the issue?

Many thanks.

I am seeing this same issue! Also single marker map icon click actions do not work at all.

About the single marker map, make sure you’ve set up the Multiple markers in the map’s “Number of Markers” options!


Please Adalo Team, let us know something about the APK maps issue as soon as you can! In my case, it’s only a secondary feature and can wait but I imagine that in some cases, maps is a core feature.

Many thnaks!

Hi again everybody, is there still no news on the matter?

Many thanks!

Hi. Almost two weeks have gone by and I haven’t heard from anyone about solving this matter…

Could you at least confirm that it is in fact a bug? I’m saying this cause it might be my api setups (although as far as I know everything is set up correctly).

Please let me know something about this matter.

Many thanks.

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