Maps marker locations:

Has anyone had success with maps component using coordinates?

I can have it work with postcode (only some postcodes) or City name (sometimes) so far. Some locations simply don’t work no matter how I try to format it. I have never had a map display from coordinates. Wondering how other people do it?

Examples of location strings that display marker
B28 0SE

Examples of location strings that don’t display (white screen) :
B92 0BF
Coslada, Madrid

And Barcelona puts the pin in Denver

I’m trying both single marker and multiple, it doesn’t make a difference, some inputs work some don’t.

How do people correctly format? I’ve been playing with it for ages I can’t get a pin for most places I need to. Completely random.

@ashley @Colin Do you guys have any ideas here? This is critical to several of my client projects, I’d really appreciate any insight.

I have used many different formats, including longitude and latitude and always had the correct location returned.

I just tested all 3 of those locations you provided and all 3 were found and placed correctly on the map.


Thanks. Are you inputting as magic text or just in the box? Can I get a screenshot of your setup?

I noticed browsing previous posts you are consistently able to get correct pins all the time whereas some people struggle in their own apps. Keen to get to the bottom of this and perhaps I can make a guide video if I can figure why these issues happen.

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Using magic text from a collection

Thanks, Colin, all working now. Not sure why. It does seem to glitch sometimes.

Also, I think it can take a few minutes to sort itself out. So it perhaps looks broken when testing and configuring the whole component quickly. Speculating really.

Agreed. Unscientific I know :slight_smile: but that does seem to be the case.

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