Google maps location in Poland

Hi, I have a problem with the google map. I added a map in the application but it does not show me the location from Poland. Unfortunately, I don’t know where this problem comes from. In addition, I would like certain locations to be marked with pins, e.g. the museum in Żory. Please help

Siema @anna.manowska79,
Do you have restrictions on your Google Key? For the certain locations, I assume you want to use the Multiple locations?

I sent you an app that you can clone with a quick example.

Great, thank you very much. Please tell me if I can get your app, I’m a new user :slight_smile:

I already sent you a DM with the app so that you can clone.

Check them here:

I will make the CLONE available later to everyone, just need to fine tune it.

I have thank you very much. However, if I enter the location from Poland, it does not work. You can tell me if it is possible to enter the address using coordinates

Are you entering Polish characters (i.e. ż)? Try maybe without it.

But yes, you can use Latitude and Longitude, separated by comma.

I generated a new key and it works now. Thank you very much for help :slight_smile:

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