Marker Pin Location Component!

  1. Put the component on the screen.
  2. Define what action you want to do with the coordinates that are retrieved.

Hi, will this work side by side with current location input component? That if a location is not available in the location search, user can manually place the pin on the map and overwrite the location input field?

No, the location input can’t be overwritten like that.

Unfortunately, the Location property is not yet available for developers.

what is the possible workaround if the address is not available in location search?

You could have the component register the coordinates only and have a condition on what to use based if the user has the input location or no

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Hello, njimmy10.
Regarding the question about input data, I figured it out. It’s really elementary. But for a person who works in another field, it was not clear.
Another problem has arisen.
When I test the application in Adalo, everything works fine. But when I send the application for internal testing, a white screen (Android) and a black screen (iOS) appear.
This error appears on the map (Pin Marker) screen if the add-on is removed everything is working.
Can you tell what the problem might be or is it an error and ask Adalo support?


  1. Are you using Adalo 2.0 or legacy?
  2. Did you put your api key?
  • Most likely I’m using the old version. I put together the application in the fall of 2022.
    Does your add-on only work in version 2.0?

  • I inserted the same API key that worked in the native maps application.

I will build an application of mine with the legacy adalo and check

I was able to reproduce the error, this might take some time fix, probably by the end of the week,

I don’t know what is the error yet, and Adalo legacy is old

Thank you! I hope you can solve the problem.

It doesn’t seem to be an issue on IOS, what platform are you testing on?

IOS 16.7.5 (iPhone 8)

Submitted a new fix for the component. It is up to Adalo to review it and make it live.

Can you write here when Adalo will make the adjusted addition available?
Thank you!

Hello, njimmy10.
Switched to Adalo 2.0. A new problem has arisen with the add-on.
On phones (Android and iOS) the map is not displayed, although the “save” button is visible. I registered the keys everywhere, as well as the coordinates. I also tried it on a blank screen on which I placed only the add-on, the problem was the same everywhere.

In the native Adalo test everything works without problems.

What could be wrong?

Thank you

Is it possible to use the values for reverse geocoding api?

Yes, if the Geocoding needs latitude and longitude, you can use it yes.