Markers are initially not placed correctly on the map

I’m working on this small game where children can paint and hide pebbles (stones), so others can find them:

I’ve hidden three test pebbles.

  • The one on the left is called ‘dots’ and is on lat/lon 47.33845179234503, 9.39407833637167
  • The one in the middle bottom is called ‘map’ and is lat/lon 47.337666408843134, 9.395827416373791
  • The one on the right is called ‘Day and Night’ and is lat/lon 47.33972127047475, 9.398217189450591

I’ve linked the markers to the ‘View Pebble’ page like this:

Now, for some reason, if I click on ‘Dots’ marker it brings me to the ‘Day and Night’ pebble.
If I click on ‘Day and Night’ it brings me to ‘Pebble 2’ pebble, which is not even placed.
If I click on ‘Map’ marker, it brings me to the ‘Map’ pebble (which is good).

The weird thing is that this only happens the first time the map is loaded. If I go to a different page and then load the page with the map again, it’s good.

Any clue what I am doing wrong?
Thanks for helping me out.
Kind regards, Tom

Anyone a clue? It’s really weird that the behavior is only happening on the first load.

I would be happy to share access to the app in case you would like to have a look.

having the same issue

For me it’s resolved now. Not sure what happened. It looked like it was all of a sudden fixed. Maybe an Adalo update?

I learned this morning that this did the trick for me:


Maybe it helps you as well? I’ll submit a ticket to Adalo so that they can look into it.