GPS coordinates always snap to nearest building (address?)

Hi everybody,

I want to create a simple hide-and-seek game for children, where they can hide painted pebbles somewhere, and others can find them. I have challenges with the GPS coordinates.

When someone wants to drop a pebble, Adalo grabs the coordinates of the nearest building or address instead of the accurate position. This makes it challenging because the children won’t find the pebble there.

Here’s an example:
The place where I want to hide the pebble:

The coordinates that Adalo give me:

The coordinates that are saved in the db: image

The coordinates I get from another app (slightly different):

The difference in where I put it (blue dot) and where Adalo thinks I put it (the red marker):

I used different ways to save the GPS coordinates:
Simply in a location field: image

But also in two lat, lon, text fields: image

Both of them have the same results.

I checked the GPS permission; it’s even set to accurate and always.

@Victor, I noticed while searching the forum that you have some experience with GPS. Any clue here? A suggestion tip from someone else is also very welcome of course. Thanks for helping me out with this.

Anyone a clue how I could fix this? Or is it simply how Adalo works, and should I look for another Nocode platform? Thanks for any suggestions.

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