Marketplace ACTION Button

The marketplace ACTION BUTTON, has a problem.

If you have a button or a list that sits bellow the motion of the button that button or list could not be pushed. Hope this will be solved soon, that’s paid component.

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Hi Afonso,

I believe you mean by Action button is the Action Menu component right?


I saw that in the New Component Marketplace Topic Thomas also posted a problem that happened with this new Action Menu ( The Component Marketplace 2.0 is live 🎉 - #7 by ProU ) and Jesse said that theirs a repairing going ( The Component Marketplace 2.0 is live 🎉 - #72 by jessehaywood )!

The best is to Submit a support ticket!

Hope it will be fix soon!

Thank youb

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I’d recommend submitting a ticket as the staff has looked at it.
I gave up on that component entirely. It was affecting my Test Flight builds and everything. Best of luck!

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Just build opne yourself, it’ll be much more personalized and you’ll be able to control everything
and by building it, I mean fake it, you can by using visibility rules

I paid for the component, i don’t no how to code.

Houssam via Adalo <> escreveu no dia sexta, 15/04/2022 à(s) 02:42:

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Don’t code, you can make it with Adalo’s visibility rules! No-code

So you buy a car, the car is broken, you use the bus and keep the car?

A sexta, 15/04/2022, 12:50, Houssam via Adalo <> escreveu:


Don’t worry! The car is under repair! :wink: Until that you have to use the bus :slightly_smiling_face:

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All i need to ear. This forum os getting a bit agressive.

Can you please explain a little bit more precise the issue? Because I bought that component today. The component itself is perfectly designed! The problem I have is with scrolling behind the Action Button. I can’t scroll the list behind if the Action Button is collapsed. If the action button is expanded everything works fine? I attached the config how I’m using the component.

@AfonsoMarques Here is an instruction how to build it in Adalo with no code: Adalo Create Floating Navigation Menu pop-up tutorial - YouTube

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