Match, search and filter users based on their interests

Hi Everyone, I really need help here. I want to match users based on their interests.

So I have set up a swipe deck that contains a collection of interests.
When a logged in user swipes right on a card, they are updated with the current interest
At the end of the deck, I want the logged in user to be able to click a button that links to a list that shows all users with the condition that they share all the interests swiped right by the logged in user.

I found out it’s easier to achieve in the case where it user to user but in this case i want it to be user to multiple users… Please how to I achieve it. Somebody please help. Thank you

I was trying to put together a quick tutorial for you as this SHOULD be pretty simple. However, the deck swiper keeps crashing my app to the “white screen of death”.

Wish I could be of more assistance. I’ll also submit a support ticket for the deck swiper.

Mario did you gave a try for the Pragmaflow Deck Swiper?

Yes, also crashes.


Pragmaflow’s only crashes on swipe right.

Thank you Flawless. I appreciate your help.

Is it possible for you to try doing it on my project? I could send you a clonable version. I’m using the pragmaflow deck swiper and for some reason it hasn’t given any issues just yet.

Honestly, your message saved me from depression.

Provide cloneable I suppose. I’m on very limited time now as I’m working on client projects. I’ll get around to it when I get a chance.

Hi Kan,

You can do like this :

Thank you

This happens to me when I first download this component and then I sent a message to Steven but didn’t get a reply and the mysterious thing is that on the next day it’s fixed :tada: and until now no problems. My guess is that Steven has saw my message and fixed it!

Thank Mario. I appreciate your help.
Here is the cloneable link

Thanks Dilon
I am following your tutorial and it looks much like what I’ve been looking for, very intuitive. Please, I would like to know the function of the screen above the home screen. And again can the logged in user be shown results for multiple users who share the same interests? Thank you for help.

Whoa, a little prewarning next time before you hit us with that opener. Sheesh. :rofl::scream:

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For starters, you can do this in 1 action.

Like this:

Same for the swipe right actions, the 1st 3 update user actions can be performed in 1 action.
Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 6.53.04 PM

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Oh I get it. Thank you for your help.:blush:

It’s the Profile screen that shows the Logged in user’s Email and Name.

The list shows all the users that match with the Logged in user>interests. Like if User A swipes Rugby and User B also swipes Rugby and when the User A see for matched users the list shows User B and when User B see for matched users the list shows User A.

Hope I have understood you correctly!

Thank you for your great help.

So, if user A swipes rugby and sleeping and User B swipes rugby, sleeping and technology and User C swipes sleeping,

User A sees matched users as User B and User C right?

If I do away with the logged in user profile screen, will it affect anything?

Your Welcome!


No it’s not. I just added that screen to show you that I have logged in with this account.

I have followed your guide and I used a custom list to display matched users’ photo and name but it’s not working.

Where did I possibly go wrong? Please can you help me check my project, I can’t seem to figure out where the problem is.

I actually want the images of all matched users to be displayed instead of their email and interests.

Is it possible to share a cloneable app?

Kindly find the clonable link below