Matchmaking or linking multiple current users to a logged in user

Hi there! I’m building app where a logged in user can filter from the list of users in the database to find multiple users (current users) who share same interests. I am only able to link a single user (current user) to the swipe deck where logged in user can only get displayed results for one current user in which their profile they clicked on and vice-versa,

but I would like to be able to have a logged in user swipe the deck and get filtered results of multiple users from the users list in the database who share same or most interests with them.

So, lets say we have 50 users on the database, the logged in user simply swipes through a swipe deck collection of interests and at the end of the deck, clicks a button to display results of up to 4 (current users) who must’ve swiped through and recorded same interests as the logged in user.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Edit: I apologise, after re-reading your post I sorta misunderstood what you were explaining.

Maybe look at setting up a new collection like “Matched Users” which will create a new record and add all the users to it, once the logged in user has selected their current users.

Then display that collection instead of trying to display multiple current users.

You can also delete the record once the user is done with seeing who they’re matched with.

Hi Briggsy,
Thank you for your swift response.

I would appreciate it if you can look into my app editor to see how I set it up. I must’ve described my understanding of “current user” wrongly. What I meant is that I need a way to have a logged in user to get results for multiple interests.

let’s say on a swipe deck component that contains 7 lists of interests, I swipe YES to choose an interest and NO to indicate that I don’t like an interest.

My preferred interest are then saved to a property which I called “Yes interests” with user back to user (many to may relationship)
Another user on the other end can log in to swipe for their interests which will be updated in their “Yes interests” property. I also created another property to store Mutual interests of logged in user and current user.

Now, what i would like to achieve is that a logged in user after swiping through the swipe decks to choose their interests, they can simply click a button that links to a screen that displays all the current users who share the same or most of the interest with them.

So, if a logged in user chooses 5 interests e.g soccer, cooking, travelling, comedy and fishing, when they click the button, the screen displays all the current users who have already swiped through the cards and recorded the same interests or most as the case may be.
Link to my app below. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it so much.

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