Math isn’t my strength - need help with date/time

As the title implies, I suck at math and trying to figure out what equation I need to make this work.

The best example of what I’m attempting to do is an employee “clock in/clock out” flow where the user taps “clock in” and it plugs the current date/time into an associated collection. Then, tapping “clock out” plugs that current date/time into a different field within the same associated collection.

I need to generate a result that tells me how many hours were worked between clock in and clock out. I’ve managed to generate some data but it’s terribly wrong, that is, for simplicity sake, I put clock in on todays date at 1AM and clock out on todays date at 5AM, and the hours worked result was 0.3256554 (yeah, not even close).

Any ideas?

Hi @preptogether,

Check this post by Victor : Time Calculation employee time clock - #2 by Victor

Also you can do with Javascript! Check this post by Flawless : 🧙‍♂️ A cool formula to calculate duration (Days, Hours, Minutes) between 2 records

Thank you

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Ah my hero! Thanks for speedy reply. Precisely what I needed; thankfully I can copy/paste and plug, otherwise what those makers did with their formulas would baffle the heck outta me. Math… hate math….

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