Time Calculation employee time clock

If an employee clocks in at 9:30 and clock out at 11:15 how do I do that calculation in majic text to show 1:45 mins

Hi @GrantWoods,

If you use DateTime properties for Start and Finish times, then:

  • to get hours, we need to multiply the time difference by 24, as time measurement in Adalo is Day. Then we need to take the integer part of the result. Formula will look like: INT ( ( FinishTime - StartTime) * 24 )

  • getting remaining minutes is a bit more complex. We need to deduct the ‘integer’ number of hours (formula above) from the original time difference (( FinishTime - StartTime) * 24) - with this we’ll get remaining minutes. As the measurement here is Hour, we need to multiply it by 60 and take the integer part of the result (not to have 2.5515135 minutes).
    The formula should look like this: INT ( ( ( ( FinishTime - StartTime) * 24 ) - INT ( ( FinishTime - StartTime) * 24 ) ) * 60 )

Didn’t have time to test it in the app, unfortunately.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hello @Victor ,
Would you please make a video on this topic? This is the similar I’m looking for.
My problem is that if I want to sell something in my app in the next 5 minutes anybody can offer the best price for that item after the 5-minute session will automatically close and those whose offer price is higher than others, he/she can have that item.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


Hi @fredy,

Adalo isn’t well suited for real-time events. In your example - if everyone will close the app and won’t reopen the page with that session, the session will remain “unfinished” forever.

You might need to use some 3rd party tool like Integromat to open/close sessions. Also there is another potential problem: if a user opens a “bid” page and keeps it open after the session end, there is still might be the possibility for him/her to make a bid even to a closed session (if Adalo won’t re-read the data).

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks a lot @Victor

What about this on Countdown for Adalo | NoCode Monkey?

Hi @fredy,

This is a wonderful component, though in my opinion there will be the same problem: if you close the app with this timer, the “sales session” will never expire.
You need something on the server-side to track the sessions.


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