Max Amount of Components in a Database

Does anyone know if there is a maximum amount of components that can be added to a database without compromising its functionality?

I have a database that has 20 components and whenever I try to preview the records, it does not load properly.

Thanks in advance for a response!

*Are we talking here about components i.e. elements like buttons; text on a screen…?
.or properties, that is Fields or column of a database, like name, age, phone…etc

The latter. Columns of a database. Thanks for clarifying! Have you run until this issue?

I am using only 10 column so far, could add more just to check… what is the error ?
does it not display anything at all… or something broken ?
also, how do you manage to display so many fields ? using a simple list screen ?

There is no limit that I am aware of. I just tested a database with 21 properties and the columns continue to scroll horizontal until I see all of them. Can you perhaps include a video of what is causing an issue?

I can scroll to see all of the columns but my records are in a perpetual state of loading.

How many lines so far ?
could be a problem with the Relashionship connections ?

Have you tried Maximum records dsiplayed …1 then 10 ?

I just went ahead and reduced the number of properties my database has (there were some that were not being used). This is no longer an issue but still would like to know if there is anything set in stone. Working on a huge product and this issue may arise again in the future.

There’s not any kind of fixed limit on number of properties.