[BUG] Full Database records not showing


My app is not able to load the full records present in my collection.

I have 43 records right now


And its loading only 20 & even I not defined maximum no. of items

To understand better see this video (Loading slowly): https://www.loom.com/share/584e3b5ee1da413fa3ef392e37234375

Check here: pwa.theinvocial.com or download Android version here: https://www.theinvocial.com

Please resolve this issue @Ben @jeremy - anyone

@ishantanusrivastava it looks like there’s only 16 posts in the database currently. Is that correct?

oh…so sorry i forget to mention here actually due editor issue Adalo facing 2-3 days back, my app connection is breaked (but I fixed yesterday) & one user trying to inject some html code in the form of jpeg image ( I observe because I’m a part time penetration tester). so, i delete all the credentials & delete all the content he/she submitted.

Right now the only issue I’m facing is - in some android phone form is not working