Max free records - Adalo lies

It’s really ridiculous how on the pricing structures 200 records are listed as the max number of free records in the database, but in the app builder itself it’s limited to 50. This is a massive difference and frankly quite pathetic. Even building an MVP for TESTING WHETHER ADALO CAN WORK WITH AN APP IDEA is impossible, let alone testing an MVP as a business idea. Any substantial app would need lists, strings for filtering lists, and other automatic inputs for features, all of which needs records. This now has me looking at alternatives. If Adalo wants the sales pipeline, fine. But limiting functionality and lying about it makes me seriously wonder what else is being hidden. Users will naturally upgrade if they can at least see the product works, but now I can’t even do that.

Come on Adalo, sort this out.

Hi Bernard,

I would suggest submitting a support ticket. Maybe Adalo can work something out for you and higher your limit.

I have submitted a ticket, but got a mail back from them saying they won’t respond because I’m on a free account. It’s ridiculous.

The point is, they advertise 200 but give 50.