Messy creator set-up an issue?

I’ve seen some of you’re app creator-pages on here and it all looks really tidy. I’m wondering if we’re backing into some issues later on by having a messy layout on our creator-page? Would like to do it right from the start, and if not having the pages on 1-2 lines creates problems later on, we’ll have to find a way to work around it. Right now we have the layout set like this to easier maneuver the screens and know where they lead and are to find.

FYI the red square indicates homescreen (and welcome-screen).


I think it’s just whatever is best for you to understand as long as there is some order to it.

I seperate different branches and have them flow left to right unless it’s a single page dead end, where I’ll put that above or below the page it links from.

Thanks man, somewhat the same layout I’m going for!