Mfork - Serve different pages depending of your user's devices

Keep up the good work, and don’t let anything or anybody stop you form delivering the great product you were creating​:muscle::muscle::pray:

I’ve released the coded part of this software as Open source on github, check it out ! GitHub - franklbt/mfork: App web permettant de rediriger vers deux versions différentes d'un site web en fonction de l'appareil utilisé



I cant seem to get this to work. Am I missing something?

It wont let me add CNAME www →

really would like to use mfork!

Hello @jencass97 this is normal. You already have a CNAME record pointing to mfork with www name. All you need to do is to enter theses domains in mfork app. (Base domain start with www, then mobile start with m, and desktop domain start with app)

@franklbt Okay! Well then I keep recieving a constant load while in the mforkapp. I figured I was doing something wrong but if everything checks out OK then Im not sure why it wont let me complete the process

It seems that your TTL (time to live) is too long for your record, so mfork cannot check the ownership of the domain. Please wait for 1h and retry to add the domain into mfork app, or event better try to set the TTL to the value ‘1m’ if you can. @jencass97

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that worked! beautiful! thank you so much!

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