Mfork - Serve different pages depending of your user's devices

Hello, I’ve launched a first beta version of mfork, an app allowing to redirect users to different pages depending of the device they use (mobile, desktop). You can add unlimited numbers of websites, and see statistics on the users browsing your site. The redirection is secured by https.

To get started, simply add the base subdomain, the mobile and desktop version of your sites and add a CNAME record from your base subdomain. And you are ready to start redirect users to different versions of your site !


This is very interesting Frank. I haven’t seen something like this done in Adalo yet!

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Hi, @franklbt.
I think your project is amazing as I need to have different versions for my web app.
So, a big thank you! :clap:

Can you, please, tell me very short how I can use it for my Adalo desktop and mobile version?
Do I have to register in Adalo a redirect for each one and after that a registration with your solution for the main domain?

Thank you.

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Hi @ionutilie
You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You need to have 2 web app connected to both of the mobile and desktop version.

After that all you need to do is to fill the corresponding fields on mfork, and users will be redirected on the good version depending of the device.

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Thank you @franklbt!
Have a nice day!

Hi @franklbt!
The Mfork solution does not redirect for the moment - in my case - to mobile.
Do you have any idea about it?

Thank you!

You need to connect the base domain to by implementing a CNAME record.
But in your case the base domain seems to be linked to the desktop Adalo app directly.

Change the CNAME record of your base domain from to, and then attach the mobile domain to the mobile version of your app, and the same for the desktop version.

So there is 3 CNAME records you need to add:


And then attach domain to your mobile app via Adalo interface, the same for desktop.

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Thank you for your answer!

I cant use it with adalo domains?

@B0untiful_26 you need to have control over your base domain but the target domains can be Adalo domains.

Hi @franklbt, thank you so much for this. By any chance, is there a way that I can route people to the web app if their device is a tablet, i.e. iPad?

(Currently the formatting of my PWA mobile app does not work properly on a tablet screen. The web app would work better in this case.)

Thank you!

Hi @sadalo This feature is not yet implemented, but can be simple to add. I’ll try to add it in the next few days.


Hello @franklbt,

First of all, many thanks for sharing this, it’s so valuable :pray:
I tried to use it and I think that the redirection is working fine but I keep getting invalid certificates warnings. Any idea where that can be coming from? :thinking:


Hello @tide

I will verify the certificate generation process, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Hi @franklbt,

Just wanting to let you know that I reset the certificates on Adalo’s site, deleted and re-implemented the domains on mfork and it seems to be working smoothly now :slight_smile:
Some users reported a bit of a latency but I suppose it’s due to the redirects.

Thanks again for creating this tool <3


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Mfork is a brilliant Idea, I’m almost 200% certain I will need to use it for a project I’m working on!! Thanks for building it @franklbt :raised_hands: :trophy:

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In fact, I will be using it for my current project to help with the adalo’s issue about web app

I signed up just now, and was presented with 3 existing Redirections, including

I’m thinking this is an Adalo bug, and I was presented with a list of Frank’s projects on Mfork! When I reloaded the page the list disappeared and the page was empty save the + icon on the bottom right. I’m assuming this is the correct view for new users. I cannot recreate the problem as the list disappeared.

Not sure why I was first presented with Frank’s list. Potentially a serious problem if an admin’s data were made public.

FYI, @franklbt and @tdhi, this actually happens to me all the time too. Every time I log in, I see 3 redirections in my list including the one you mentioned. Usually it goes away after I come back to the page… not sure if it’s an Adalo bug or something else? I get nervous that I’ll accidentally delete someone else’s redirection haha.

hello, indeed this behavior is very disturbing, I also managed to reproduce it. i have checked the filters used with airtable and they look ok. I will explore other solutions to correct this asap!