(Missing data) Menu inside an database item

The problem is fairly straight forward. I have a page called “Engine” which displays engine data.

To go to this page you need to click on an engine in a list of engines, so that it can display that engine data.
(Picture of list of engines)

However, I now want to create a menu in my engine page like this:
(Picture of engine page with it’s horizontal menu, with 3 items)

I can easily link to the other engine pages, but the problem arises when I want to link back to the main engine page. I will lose my “current engine”. EVEN THOUGH the page has the current engine data!
(Picture of the data that goes missing)

My question is: is it possible to create a menu like this, or should I just forget about it?

I found a workaround. Simply turn the buttons into lists and filter based on ID = current engine’s ID. Weird workaround, is there a better one and why is this even needed in the first place?? Why can’t it simply pass the current engine data on?

If Logs and Orders are lists in their own right, with a relationship to the engine, you could show those lists on the same Engine screen. Use conditional visibility to hide them, then show them when logs or orders buttons are clicked.

So now your Engine screen has everything.

From a performance stand point it depends on how much data is in those lists, I would be tempted to use modals for the logs and orders sections.

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Yeah, that was my initial design, but I find the UI better this way. Thanks for the advice tho!

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