Link within a list

I have a list with restaurants. A user clicks on restaurant “A” and information about “A” are opened in a screen. Can I link from this information screen “A” to the information screen “B” directly? Restaurant “B” is the next restaurant in the list. Is that possible? Otherwise the user has to go “back” and click on restaurant “B”. A direct link would be faster.

You can make the next button a list and limit it to one. However you sort the list is what’ll be “next”.

If you have them numbered (i.e., 1-10), you can show the item after the current item.
Here’s a video on that - How to Iterate Through a List in Adalo - YouTube

How do I make a next button a list? Do you mean link to a screen with a list that is limited to one?

I need to mention that my users do not login/are not logged in

If your users aren’t logged in, you’re going to have to have a workaround to pass local variables through using change input value then filtering based on the input value.

Below is how to make the list.

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