Missing Linked Data Issue - Unable to figure out why

Yes, still broken, happy to do a screen share with anyone who can help.

sent a google meet link on personal chat

Thanks to @prakharm8 for his help. So there doesn’t seem to be a solution for the way I wanted things to work (which I had setup as something wouldn’t work for me previously on one screen). But now it is.

Here is video overview of where we ended up.

If @colin or @ashley could take a look at the App Bar “hidden” toggle for icons, that would be good as I do think that is a break point for a bunch of users… I go over it in the video (and there is more about it earlier in this thread.

Hi @TonyD,

This is very interesting.
I’ve reproduced the case on my test environment and have got the same results.
Glad that @prakharm8 has helped you in finding the solution.

If you would like to keep your original flow, there is a workaround. On the last screen of your original setup (the one with staff list search results, and + button), you can do the following:\

  • convert this “+” button to a list
  • make it a list of Dive Shops
  • filter this list: all Dive Shops, then custom filter so that Name is equal to Current Dive Shop Name (I hope that you have the Name unique).
  • and after that, select the button itself (now it is inside the list), and add all actions and link to previous screen.

As a result, you will be sending “Current Diveshop” to the Staff Members screen again. I know this is a workaround, but it helps to achieve the result and it worked for me. Here are some illustrative screenshots. The name of the collections start with EX3, as well as the name of screens :slight_smile:

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