Missing Linked Data Issue - Unable to figure out why

So I’m running into the dreaded and confusing missing data issue. Here is a video link of the issue…

I can’t figure out why the data is not passing when the screens are linked.

If you want this screen to have current provider available, ALL links going to that page must also be carrying ‘current provider’ data.

This is telling us that your links from “provider- trip list” and “provider - staff member list” are not carrying ‘current provider’ to this screen. If you fix those links to carry data, your problem should be solved.

Hmm… I must be missing something then, as the “current provider” data doesn’t seem to be getting sent, so how could it get returned?

Current provider is not available on your ‘Provider- activities select’ screen. It is greyed out.

Hmm… so I’m not understanding things then. As the screen before it is where the Provider is selected and passed to the Activities screen.

So if it is being passed, and most other screens after activities are working, then it means that Provider is somehow getting passed?

Still can’t figure out why nothing is passed to the Contact Types screen.


That link is carrying data correctly. The problem is links from other parts of your app are not correct and so the activities select screen has no data available.

If you just deleted the two links I mentioned in my earlier reply you would find everything works.

Those two screens are linked to, but not giving ‘current provider’ to the activities select screen. So activity select screen is saying “sometimes the user will arrive here without current provider, therefore I cannot be using it”.

OK, I’m totally missing something here - I don’t understand how to delete the links, but still have buttons works and pass the data required to get the next screens to work?

I tried deleting all the links from the Activities screen going out to from each of the 4 activities buttons. Then try to re-link even just one and it doesn’t think the data. Super weird… I don’t get it.

No those links are not a problem, the problem links go FROM other pages going TO the activities select screen.You are messing with completely the wrong screens. The problem is elsewhere on your app! It’s the links going TO the activity select screen from random pages on your app. I’ve named the screens for you, please look there.

OK, I’ll take a look at that, but if those screens come from the activities screen, and return to it, then how is the data link getting broken?

I think I’ve found one problem, and I can see how this would mess a lot of people up.

  • If you have a App Bar on the screen, and have a Icon there set to link to a screen, but then toggle the Icon off, Adalo leaves the link in place. So for users looking at the screen, there is no obvious link in place.

This feels like something that Adalo should break automatically with a Icon is toggled off.

@David - what do you think? I think this would trip up a lot of users. I would not think (especially as a new user to Adalo) that actions attached to a App Bar icon that is (off) would still be active.

Not sure if that is what is 100% causing my issue yet, but it certainly makes me look in places I would not have before.

Change the links on the back arrow to be Link > Back, don’t have it link to a specific screen. That might well be your issue.

Problem is on some pages you don’t users to just go back you want to re-route them to the start of a process screen. So Back isn’t always able to be used.

On all of my apps i can only think of one case where I have a back arrow that links to a specific page. It generally causes problems.

So one example…

Staff List page - Click on add new staff
Goes to Search email page
Admin enters email to search - goes to a page where list of users with that email are shown and can add list (can’t display all emails for privacy reasons)
When done - return to Staff list page - not back back back to get to the staff list page.

Not sure how else you could do that without specifying the page to go to?

So I have deleted all the links between screens and started to rebuild them one by one, and still run into the same kind of issues.

Has anyone else built a simple action button menu like this and got things to work?

Here is a video showing the linking one by one and the point where it breaks - so hopefully this will help figure it out. Open to any ideas at this point, been playing with it for hours.

Hi @TonyD,

Question: could you please try to replace Simple list (on your last screen) by Custom list with the same functionality? And see what would be the result?


I am having the exact same problem. Even when I rebuild all the links it still seems to not be linking data correctly.

Thanks for the idea @Victor, but I still get the same result as soon as I link to another screen.

Here is a video of it with examples to various screen types.

Who is a team member at Adalo that might help us understand what is breaking on the backend and how to fix it?

Hey, are you still facing the issue - I can help you out