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Hello Adalo Team,

I use the Directory app and created my own app name Kingdom Business where businesses and individuals can post unlimited job offers. However, I need to see if someone can help me with how to create a delete feature for users can delete their own listing. I have received a reply. However, the reply was not well informed, and the person never replies again. If someone can help me, by showing me step by step on a bulleted list or numbered list that will be awesome. Did anyone in here use the directory app template and make their own app?

So you can do this my creating a list that is filtered by the user, then add a button and set the action for that button to delete the current item. When the list is shown, you should see each item with a button beside it.

It’s a good idea to have that button trigger a modal that has a confirmation to delete, so users do not accidentally delete things.

So it would look like this… (note this is to delete the user, in your case it would be to delete a listing.)


Thank you for the response. However, I would like to see examples done on the Directory App Template. This way it can be more clear to understand.


I have finally figure it out. Thank you for the feedback!

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