Moving from Bubble to Adalo

Hi Adalo-ers,

I’m trying Adalo out after being with Bubble for a few years. I like the look and the fact that you can create native apps but am finding some things difficult.

  • How do you show one group (say File upload) when you have a dropdown with a Collection of Types (eg Text, Image, File) and you select ‘File’ -> Do you select ‘File’ or the Dropdown’s type?
  • Zoom: At first the Screens were well-sized in the window; now they’re very small and zooming in on the page doesn’t work well? Can we reset the view?
  • What are file size upload limits for the File Picker?
  • Sync: The preview on the Builder page and the app preview on my phone show different things.

Does anyone have a collection of tips for those moving from Bubble?


Hi @TheJon, I’m a former Bubbler too - let’s build that list - keep asking questions!

To reproduce what I think you’re after:

  1. Create your ‘UploadTypes’ in the database (text, file, image etc)

  1. Create a dropdown for those:

  1. Add, for example, your image upload field.

  2. Turn the Image Upload into a ‘group’ (this gives the most consistent results and will shrink the space when it is not visible):

  1. On the group, set the conditional visibility to visible if Form Inputs > Select > Name is equal to “Image” (or however you have spelled it in your Collection):

This should now perform how I think you’re expecting it to:

Click the background to the screens - the white panel behind them - and then you can use your keyboard - Command (or Ctrl) and + or - works on this view to bring the screens closer or further away.

That’s a @jeremy or @Ben question.

They shouldn’t do - they are pulling from the same place, I believe. When you say ‘app preview’ on your phone, is this loading the website on your phone, using a saved-to-homepage link or using TestFlight?