Add many times to cart how?

add many times to cart how?

hello, do you know how to do this way of adding to cart? I have a product and I want to choose it many times + - if you know how to do it, it will be great information for me and many who want to do the same

Hi, we have a full course on building out a shopping cart that you might find helpful - it covers exactly what you’re describing here in detail. Create a Robust, Flexible Shopping Cart System

thank you i’m starting to learn

Hello, how are you, if you want to save shares and speed up the app, you can do this option too… put an input number and an add button… in that button you create an order item name (Product) Unit price (price product) total price (formula: unit price per input)

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hi, yes it sounds very simple, thank you

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great … I’m glad … then you can put it as solved!