Multi select dropdown - resumé only one appears?

I have a multi select dropdown where users can have multiple choices of prestations.
I have my relationship however I have also created a text property " prestation" updated when they made their choice from the dropdown.
If a user have several “prestations” in my database section " Prestations" only one appears.

So when I am having a screen " Resume" I can’t have the exact prestationS picked by the user but only one among many.

I don’t know if I made my problem clear but if anyone has a solution to it it would be great, thanks !

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So there’s a multiselect dropdown. User can select. Saving in the Database. And you want to display one item from that selected items in the list. I mean if the user select 3 items then show 1 item. Like that right?

Then you can set the list Maximum number to 1. Then 1 item will display from that selected items. And it shows the first item that user select.

Or you can save one selected item to a property on Users collection and show that property.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

Thank your for the answer.

No actually in my resume of the questionnary even if the user pick 3 item only 1 appears ( the last one) in my input field « prestations » i would like to have all the items selected appearing in my scren « resume ».

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For show the selected items you can add a list and filter logged in user items.

Oh I haven’t thought of that one ! thank you have a good day !

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Your welcome :+1:

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