Setting maximum recording limit multselect dropdown

Hi everybody,

I have more than 80 subcategory that the custumer can choise in my database using a relationship with my “custumer colections”, to choice it I am using a multiselect dropdown. but are there any way to create a limit of only 5 items could be choice??? Even If I have 80 Subscategory I would like to prune the choices of custumer selecting more thah I what I want. Or in other hand, can I remove “select all”???

Hi Camilo,

You can’t limit how many the user selects, but you can perform a count of the records they’ve selected and prevent them from moving forward if they select more than 5.

You’ll want to provide some UX/UI before and after to push the user to the right actions. Above the drop down, you can have something that says “Select up to five options”. Underneath, with conditional visibility if the count is greater than 5, you can show a box that says “You’ve selected X items, the maximum is 5”. This will help the user understand what’s expected of them.

Thanks for the assistance. I understood the logical part, but I couldn’t find a way to count what is being selected in the component. I even created a field in the user’s account as “category_count”, and tried to add each selected item to +1. but it’s not working.

I think I found some solution.

Smart move! Clever solution.

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