Multi Select DropDown

Hi, I was hoping someone can help me. Im designing a school app for internal use to manage their student data. I am trying to use the Multi Step dropdown for the subjects.

For example, it is part of a manual form where you enter all student sign up details and then you have a simple drop down to select the year group and then have a multi select drop down to select the subjects. I am unable to get the selected information in the multi select drop down to update the student record. It keeps coming up as blank? Any help with this will be much appreciated. I cannot find any tutorials for this component either

Thank You

Hello, maybe this video can help you. Nested Collections Using Dropdown

Thank you, but this doesn’t allow for multiple selections to be entered into the database. I need a way for example, Student 1 selects Maths and English. This information then gets stored in the db.

You need to have the data for the collection present on the screen that you are using the multi-select dropdown.

An easy way to do this is to create a blank record of the collection being used for multi select from the button used to link to that screen. That way you can update that current record with the multi-select dropdown.

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