"MultiSelect Dropdown" component does not work on Forms

The “MultiSelect Dropdown” component is a great feature, but when I create a Form screen and I get a collection with a field/property that supports multiple values from another collection the form does not reconize this type of property and I can not complete it (like it does on the collection screen).
How I can fix this? Any advise about it it is welcome.

You are correct. Many-to-many relationships don’t work in the forms.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Create a form that has the “Yourinjured” and “Injury” fields.
  2. Set an action on the submit button to go to a new screen and name it “Body selection”.
  3. Add a list of your choice (simple, avatar, image, custom list etc) to the new screen of “Bodies”.
  4. Set the action on the list to “Update > Current Accident” and then on the Bodies parameter, select “Add Current Body”.
  5. Set a button below the list and switch the button of the text to “Complete” (which then would go to the home screen or wherever you want them to go after they’ve completed the submission).

If you are using a simple list, you can use a toggle instead of an icon on the right section and set that to toggle the “Current Accident > Bodies > Include current body” parameter.

If you are using a custom list, you can add another component (for example a text component that says “Selected”) within the custom list and set the visibility to “Sometimes visible if current accident > contains > current body” to show the user which bodies have been selected.


Amazing help Mario, thank you very much!

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I cant follow correctly. Could you please make a cloneable demo?? Thank you!