Multi-sided app vs two apps - chat


Is it possible to have a chat element between two apps that share databases?

We’re creating a multi-sided app and I am now thinking through the pros and cons of changing it to two apps, instead of one. Currently the app is set up as a multi-sided app with a chat element between the users and I am unsure of the consequences for that element specifically if I change it.

Any knowledge on the pros and cons or tips and ideas appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have multiple apps with one database and have a chat feature between customers mobile app and customer service web app and things are working fine :+1:t2:

Thanks! That’s great to hear. Anything I should bear in mind when setting it up?

No nothing , Just follow the tutorial or come up with your own design and start implementing it, definitely will face some issues but it will work

Thanks, I think I’ll take the dive and see how it goes!

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