Multi-Value Bar Chart

Using the bar chart component is there a way to have multiple series / values along the X-axis like this?


In this example, I can trend Aprons, Glvoes and Masks as values on the Y axis against each location on the X axis.

What I’d like to do is have a count of A and B against each gender shown, Male and Female

I’ve tried to achieve this in Adalo by setting multiple values in the Y Axis but adding a filter to each

However, it just gives me this:

Have I done it wrong and if so, how should I set this up? Or is it simply that this componenent cannot do this yet?

Thanks in advance


@Victor sorry to name drop but as you were kind enough to help me on my deck swiper question, I was wondering if you knew the answer to this one too? Thanks so much

Hi @ChrisAndo88,

It seems that if you add several items to Y Axis Value, they are multiplied, see screenshots (1&2 - single value, 3&4 - two values):

As an idea: you might try to use 2 charts - one for A, another for B. And in each chart you will have 2 bars - one for Male, another for Female.

It seems the component doesn’t support several bars like in your 1st illustration.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks @victor.

You’re correct and this is what I’ve resorted to. I have a chart for results on A and a chart for results on B. The charts are hidden / shown based on the slider / switch which is fixed to the bottom and changes colour to match the charts. It actually works quite well but not ideal for comparing data in a single graph.

The switch component also resizes at will but that’s another story and it’s workable for now…

Thanks again!!!

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Just want to confirm that currently we only support 1 series so this work around is the best option at this time.


Thanks @ashley please keep us posted if this enhancement is included in the future. Also, if you have any supporting docs / tutorials for the current functionality, could you provide a link please? Thanks!

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