Stacked Bar Chart

Hi there,
does anyone know if there is a component somewhere available (also for purchase) with stacked bar charts where you can add values via manual input?

I want to build a chart with 3 different datatypes (y axis) changing over time (x axis).

Many thanks in advance

Hey @mazze there’s several ways to do this.

1.You can actually use the Adalo Progress bars and progress rings to do this (modify the shape and colour etc) and build it up with your look and feel. I have used for this scenario on several apps when manual will be input.

  1. You can use @Michael nocodemonkey components which support collection data and manual data. Store

  2. You can use with image frame and magic text. Using on Adalo to embed custom graphs, charts, progress bars, gauges - YouTube

All of the above work.


Sorry for the late reply (and a happy new year :wink: ). Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:

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