Multiselect dropdown - How do I keep selected items selected after saving?

I am using a multiselect dropdown component to add one collection in my database to be associated with another (ie. what files belong in which folders). This relationship allows an item from either collection to have multiple items of the other collection.

The select and deselect functions work well; the items are added/removed from their relationship association when I select (or select and then deselect), but the issue I have is the boxes aren’t showing up as checked when I open the dropdown, even when they should be.

Any thoughts on how to have the intialized selected state of the dropdown options would be much appreciated.


It is not possible to initialize the selected state of the multi-select dropdown. It will always be none selected.

Is there another component of Adalo’s that does read an initialized state and can be visually adjusted to show this?

I do not believe so. On a long shot you can check out from @Michael or from @knight and see if they offer one, but I really don’t believe that exists.


Try watching this video,

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