Multi-select Dropdown checked initialization

Is it possible to check/select individual items upon initialization of the multi-select dropdown. I have a multi-select dropdown that is correctly adding and removing items based on checking and unchecking the item. However, I’m unable to pre-set the check boxes correctly based on what a user has selected previously.

Hi @paulf ,

Before the screen that show this multi select, you can update the relationship with add in the property, as many as you need.

Adding relationship in many to many is using update action and put add collection name in that property.

Thanks Yongki. Can I confirm what you mean:

  1. Create a new collection called ‘add’
  2. Create a new many-many relationship property called ‘add’ between my target data collection and the collection called ‘add’
  3. Update my target data collection on the screen prior to use so that the relationship is created for those items I wished to be initially set as checked in the dropdown

Is that correct?



  1. No
  2. No
  3. Yes

Multi select dropdown using many-to-many relationship is updated by using update action and add “collection name” and remove “collection name” to its relationship property.

This is unique for m-to-m, but for 1-to-m update the “m” side collection using create action with relationship property pointed to “1” side.

I have the actions for ‘add’ and ‘remove’ set up, those are working fine. My question is how do I get the correct boxes checked when the dropdown box is initialized, there’s nowhere to specify what relationship is used for this. Each time I go to the screen containing the dropdown all the items are unchecked.

What I would do is to have countdown inside custom list and have actions to update add according to collection in that custom list.

For showing the result, this could be replacement.

The approach in the video works for my use case. Thanks a lot.

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