Multistage Signup Form

I’m trying to create a multistage form for the signup page.

I can’t figure out how to set the form action to something that would just carry the info entered from page to page until it reaches the last “FINISH” button at the end of the signup form.

@davidkoubi Hi David,
On the first screen you must have at least user and password.
Add a second action to the submit button of the form linking to the next screen:

On the linked screen you add another form with Update Logged in User:
with any field(s) you want to update in this step.
The principal is that the user must be logged in first before you can update the Logged In User data.
If you want to separate the input in several screens, repeat the step with the second action on the submit button.
You have to submit the update of each step to the database. You cannot keep it in memory until everything is done, and store it all together.


Thanks a lot! that solved my problem!

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