Multistage Add Form with Back Button


I’m trying to create multistages create records using form component… lets say its just 2 screen… 1st screen is “order” and 2nd screen is “detail order”… connectivity using relationship is no issue.
What i’m trying to do is to create back button on 2nd stage screen… So user still can change if theres some mistake that they input on 1st stage screen.
When i’m use button with action “back” on 2nd stage screen, the screen can go back to 1st screen but it’s show new state and all entry is missing.

Thanks for any help…

please ignore… i already got the solutions… thanks

Perhaps you could post the solution so others that stumble across this will know the answer? :slight_smile:

Hi Collins,

The solution that I got was to make 1 additional new screen.
This screen contains a form with the “Update” function. so that when the user is on the 2nd screen to re-edit the form on the 1st screen, it is actually redirected to this additional screen. (Make sure the settings for “linked data” are running properly. Adalo’s “linked data” feature is amazing! :+1:)

The addition of the screen should be ignored by using the visibility function applied to 2 forms in the 1st screen. but this method is quite complicated and more time consuming.

I hope it can be an inspiration for those of you who experience conditions like me… Cheers


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