My App don't share DB

Good Morning!
I have a mobile App with structured DB and I created a WebApp to create an admin panel. However, when I created it, I chose the option to share database, but the data does not appear.

For example, mobile app users do not appear in Web App users.

Can someone help me?

Hi @mikaellapavani :wave:

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I shared the DB of my mobile app and I create a web app and the same data is trhere on the web app.

Try again and see.

And is there are users in your mobile app?

And you can Submit a support ticket too.

Thank you

Hi! @dilon_perera
Thank you for your help!
But already figure out the problem. I was using a template instead of creating a “blank”. So he didn’t pull the database!

Sorted out!


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Ah ok. Great. Your welcome