Users not syncing with shared database

Hey all, very new to Adalo, so this could be user error!

I created a test web app first, added a user, then a test native app, sharing the database on set up of the native app. The test user I set up in the web app, via the preview function, isn’t visible in the native app database?

When I created a test user in the native app, again in preview mode, it’s not visible in the web app database? How can this be if they share the same database?

I’ve tested this twice now with the same results both times. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Can you tell us how you set up the shared database? I just tested this and did not have any issues. This tutorial will show you how to do it as well, Adalo | Share existing Database with new app.

Hi @ashley thanks for the reply, the tutorial is the same one I linked in my original post and are the steps I’ve taken to share the database. I’ve tried these steps twice now and had the same results both times. Users created in the web app aren’t visible in the native app database.

Hi @dan I just checked and it seems the 2 apps you are mentioning do not share the same db.

Which tutorial are you following in order to create an app with a shared db?

Is it this one: ?

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