My app icon is out of focus

I have already tried different possibilities - png file 1024x1024 72 dpi 150 dpi 300 dpi and then it’s the same

I don’t understand whats the issue, you haven’t explained much.

my app icon seems blurry compared to others on my phone. this is for the icon of this green EGS. it doesn’t look very good and i don’t know what it’s causing. I tried different sizes and densities of the icon but still no effect. I have now added an approximate photo. my icon is the green one and the other one for comparison.ikona_forum

I have the same issue, I may think that’s from adalo, so open a ticket and notify them about it Submit a Support Ticket.

Or open a vote so adalo notices it (Hopefully they do) Adalo Feedback (

thank you :blush: . I have already sent an inquiry to adalo support.

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