App icon is blurry on Android

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue with the app icon on Android : on the PlayStore it looks fine (as it is using the icon uploaded in the Play console), but once I get on the app install screen, the icon is blurry (now using the one I uploaded in Adalo), and same issue for the app icon once installed on the phone, it’s blurry.

I tried PNG 1024x1024, JPEG 1024x1024 → all the same, blurry. (source image is svg and converted to PNG and JPEG. We use the exact same file to upload on the PlayStore app page, and it does not look blurry.)
On iOS the icon looks great : so I believe there is something going wrong with the icon file when it’s processed to build the Android apk…

Has anyone got the same problem ? It is a significant pain preventing us from releasing our app as of today :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Hi Thomas,

This looks like a bug. Please submit a support ticket.

Hi James,

Thanks, I did that about a week ago, but while waiting for the support to work on that, I wanted to know if anyone have had the same issue

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